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Raptor RP-1

High Performance. Small Profile. Confident Tracking History.

Raptor RP-1 Raptor RP-1 Raptor RP-1 Raptor RP-1

Raptor RP-1

High Performance. Small Profile. Confident Tracking History.

The Raptor RP-1™ with DuraTrak™ quickly acquires targets at great ranges. Directional capability allows you to monitor vehicles from approaching or receding for maximum performance and easy usage.

Patented features include DuraTrak Target Tracking, providing added confidence in target identification. TruTrak VSS interface enables automated mode switching between moving and stationary modes, eliminating shadowing and patrol combining. Smart Patrol Search operates when the speedometer input is not connected to reduce showing and patrol combining when coming out of hold mode.

Compact size and separable display make this radar easy to use and provide little officer interruption. Used by officers around the world, Raptor provides the target acquisition and performance needed for agency success. 

key Features:

  • Directional K and Ka band radar
  • DuraTrak™ Target Tracking
  • TruTrak™ with Automatic Mode Switching
  • LCD display makes Raptor easy to use day or night
  • Waterproof seperable display and antennas
  • Online operator training

New options:

  • Advanced tuning fork procedures gets you operational faster
    (click here for demo)
  • Printer for roadside citations
  • Certification warning and expiration lockout assists with certifications management
  • Count-up timer (elapsed time since lock)

Mounting Kits and connections

The Raptor RP-1 can be fitted in a wide variety of locations and a series of mounting kits has been especially developed for law enforcement vehicles. Click here for a one-page mounting overview or, for more detailed information, refer to our Mounting kits catalog. 

Mounting kits catalog

For instructions on speedometer installation connections,
click here.

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Raptor RP-1