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PMD 10 & 12

Portable RADAR Displays

PMD 10 & 12 PMD 10 & 12 PMD 10 & 12 PMD 10 & 12

PMD 10 & 12

Portable RADAR Displays

Kustom Signals has recently released the NEW PMD 10 & 12 portable RADAR displays. These lightweight, highly visible, amber LED displays are available in two sizes and will enhance driver awareness. It is an ideal tool for community relations.

The PMD is made with rugged aluminum construction and is provided with trouble free Kustom Signals’ directional RADAR. Weighing less than 20 pounds, these portable displays are easily deployed. It comes in two sizes, 10 inch or 12 inch characters, with a flashing violator alert, red-blue light bar violator alert and white LED strobe violator alert. An interchangeable MUTCD “YOUR SPEED” sign is included and “School Zone”, “Work Zone”, and “Speed Limit” signs are optional. The unit is powered by a long lasting 24 Amp hour rechargeable battery with options for solar and AC power configurations. The rechargeable battery delivers a typical 7 day run time (depending on traffic density). Simple manual push button and low power wireless programming make set-up easy. The Kustom Console Android and Windows PC app is included for easy programming and traffic statistics data retrieval. 

Some simple "how to" videos:

More than 30% of fatalities are due to excessive speed. Now you have a better tool to save lives.

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