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Eyewitness Data Vault & EDV lite

Secure, Intuitive File and Case Management

Eyewitness Data Vault & EDV lite Eyewitness Data Vault & EDV lite Eyewitness Data Vault & EDV lite Eyewitness Data Vault & EDV lite

Eyewitness Data Vault & EDV lite

Secure, Intuitive File and Case Management

Eyewitness Data Vault

Eyewitness Data Vault is a powerful digital video management solution that automatically and securely manages in-car and other digital assets locally or across a network. It is highly configurable and scalable to fit virtually any environment. It supports simple and advanced searches, multi-camera synchronous playback, easy file duplication and provides database access to authorized users across your network. A discounted upgrade path for existing DEMM users (previous generation file management) is also available.

This software is intuitive and the user friendly interface simplifies learning and enables efficient use. It is compatible with Active Directory and LDAP, easily integrating with established login credentials. Eyewitness Data Vault manages multiple asset types including video, photos and documents for effective case management and supports updating in-car system software as needed.

EDV lite

Eyewitness Data Vault Lite (EDV Lite) is specifically designed for smaller installations of Kustom in-car and body worn video systems that only utilize manual file transfer. 

EDV Lite offers the same intuitive look and feel as Eyewitness Data Vault, and retains an impressive list of powerful and popular features such as file ingestion, search, play, burn and export, as well as a comprehensive Admin package that controls which features are accessible to each user. EDV Lite is customer installable and an ideal software package for smaller agencies that want to manually transfer files from the car to the database. One copy of EDV Lite is available at no charge to each Kustom video customer.  

Agencies can easily self-install EDV Lite on existing computer hardware – no IT expertise is needed.  Basic operation can be mastered in a matter of minutes. 

EDV was developed to address the needs of departments with comprehensive, complex requirements. With EDV Lite, our file management platform was extended to address agencies who desired the optimal user interface of EDV yet didn’t need the comprehensive feature set.  EDV Lite provides a very affordable back office solution that is ideal for agencies who just want a simple, reliable way to manage their digital evidence files. 


What is the Best Digital File Management Solution for Agency ROI?
Several law enforcement in-car video and body camera vendors offer SaaS file management solutions involving multi-year contracts where 100% of the customer’s data resides on the cloud to include the database, video files, and application. This SaaS model offers several notable advantages and several significant disadvantages. This white paper will identify the pros and cons of SaaS and illustrate why Kustom Signals’ file management model, the “Kustom Solution,” provides not only world-class security but the best ROI of tax payer dollars. Click here to read the whitepaper. 

Cloud Storage Options

Cloud storage for evidentiary files has become expected in the marketplace, but is it really in the best financial interest of the end user? Kustom Signals offers a unique approach to cloud storage that keeps the customer in mind.

Hybrid Kloud Storage allows LE to only store those evidentiary files they need in the cloud, with non-evidentiary files stored on-site. Kustom Signals’ unique hybrid approach has all of the primary benefits of unlimited cloud storage at a reduced price. It also eases the stress to those agencies that may be limited by internet bandwidth or budget but who also require higher resolution files, considerable usage requirements (such as 24x7 record), or extensive retention policies. This combination cloud/on-site storage model has easy access to evidentiary files and easy file sharing while helping to offset bandwidth concerns and allowing agencies to grow their cloud storage at their own pace.

Kustom Signals also offers Full Kloud Storage (100% to the cloud) or full local storage that most LE expect to see. There are advantages of cloud storage such as protection from hardware failure and unauthorized access, but the cost for this storage can be burdensome over time, and file upload and access is very bandwidth dependent. Kustom Signals also offers Fixed Kloud Storage should agencies prefer to put a cap on their cloud expenditure with retention policies in place that help maintain a certain file storage requirement.

With Hybrid Kloud Storage, agencies can scale into cloud at their own pace! Kustom Signals’ approach to cloud storage options puts the customer’s needs first!

Helpful Information: 

Click here for additional product information on Kloud Services. 

Click here if you are still trying to determine what storage solution is the best fit for your agency. 

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Eyewitness Data Vault & EDV lite