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Get to know the Kustom Signals Product range

See the eagle 3 in Moving Operation

The Eagle 3 directional RADAR offers front and rear scan mode, color touch screen display, and a new electronic tuning fork feature. Now you have a better choice!

Here is the Eagle 3 in moving operation with lock on the fastest target.

eyewitness hd tablet display

Unsurpassed audio video quality, intuitive user interfaces, configurable to departmental preferences, and capable of integrating Body Worn Video, Eyewitness HD is the smart choice for ICV buyers.

Here is an overview of our table diplay for Eyewitness HD in-car video. 

The History of Kustom Signals

Welcome to Kustom Signals, Inc., your trusted partner in law enforcement. Kustom Signals has a history rich in technology and a little bit of rock and roll. Take a look at our video to learn more about the company we are so proud of.