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Speed detection equipment

As the most reliable speed detection tool available, our range of laser products allow you to measure the speed of an individual vehicle within a stream of traffic. Giving you the reliability you need, Kustom Signals lasers help ensure speed enforcement in your community.

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Vehicle On-Board video recording

As an officer, you respond to a vast array of public needs. Tactical executions change, but your mission remains straight-forward and focused: build credibility and respect in your community while providing vital public service. You can rely on Kustom Signals to help you connect with your community. Our third generation of digital video systems is proven to ensure irrefutable video evidence and increase officer safety.

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Speed Displays

Mapping Lasers

Terrestrial Distance & Range Measurement

Harnessing the power of our most-reliable and longest selling laser product, the Contour series provides you the power to accurately gather the range information you need. Functioning in any weather conditions, Contour is working when you are. Suitable for geologists, surveyors, military applications, and more.

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